Projection Welding Machines

Sciaky will work with you to provide a perfect Projection Welding Machine to suit your needs. We have supplied countless machines to many industries in our 80 years of manufacture.

Our factory in Slough UK can provide wither new or refurbished Projection Welders for every application.

Projection Welding

Robot cells, where robots can manipulate spot welding guns or pick up assemblies in geometry and progressively pass them through floor-mounted spot welding machines are versatile and can be readily re-tooled for future jobs. We have supplied many variations of these cells to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, each cell having its own computerised or PLC control system and full safety guarding.

Projection Weld Tooling

We will work with you to design specific tooling for your projection welding machine and ensure that we keep your weld setup time to a minimum and increase production time.

Using the latest technology we will ensure that you have reliability coupled with sustainability in all of your tooling.