SY-SOL-WIN Bespoke Communication Software

For each of the SY-SOL family, a separate software package is available; this is designated SY-SOL-WIN (Mono, MF, TRI, or HEX ).

Designed to be user-friendly and Windows compatible it has several invaluable features to extend the use of the SY-SOL controls.

Benefits include: and to safeguard stored data; a laptop with the WIN installed will:

  • Save a backup of your SY-SOL data to your computer for re-upload to your SY-SOL at any time
  • Create a security PIN (Personal Identification Number) to prevent SY-SOL setting changes
  • Log all parameters for each weld program to allow tracking of every weld made
  • Stock more than the 64 programs in a given SY-SOL
  • Off-line, weld programs can be created or modified (and later uploaded to the SY-SOL)


This allows communication between individual SY-SOL’s and a Local Area Network (LAN)

Contact us with details of your LAN and we will confirm suitability.

The licence for a software package allows it to be used across a single site for all installed SY-SOLs (of the same type).

Supply includes:

  • A Full Site licence
  • An  RS232/RS232 special cable to connect the SY-SOL to a laptop
  • An RS 232/USB adaptor and installation CD

Note that a laptop is not included but can be quoted as an extra.