Other Industries

Sciaky supply  resistance welding machines to a wide range of industries and have become familiar with their specific and varied requirements, in fact if you join materials in metal or produce wire goods we have probably already provided a solution to your production needs.

Materials that we can accommodate, each requiring particular techniques :

  • Mild or high-strength steels, clean or zinc-coated
  • Stainless steels, martensitic and austenitic
  • Titanium
  • Heat-resistant and refractory alloys: Nimonics, Hastelloys etc
  • Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys

Typical Industries could include

  • Aerospace and Automobiles; with their own subject pages
  • Nuclear and Naval: power cell grids, waste product containers, ship-borne furniture
  • Domestic appliances: Cooker bodies and ovens, Refrigerator cases and compressors, Kettle bodies
  • Wire goods: Point-of-sale displays, Refrigerators & Oven Shelves, Racks, Shopping baskets & trolleys
  • Concrete reinforcement: Welded grids, heavy rebar panels
  • Metal Furniture: Office desks, Filing cabinets, Shelving, Chairs
  • Supermarket shelving: Shelves with omega reinforcement underneath, Support brackets
  • Metal grids: For ships, refineries, spray plants
  • Modular flooring: For computer installations – panels and supports