Welding Machine Calibration

We carry out calibration of equipment to ensure that your welding machine is at the peak of its preformance.

Common causes of machine weld degredation are:

  • Oxidisation of current-carrying surfaces
  • Wear deterioration
  • Air leaks
  • Water flow restrictions

The first calibration usually involves a service to ensure that equipment is in top condition, test results are then used as a ‘benchmark’ for future checks. Subsequent test results are carefully compared with previous ones to highlight any discrepancies which may point to machine problems.

After each calibration, a certificate is produced and sent to the client, along with the test data.

NADCAP Approved

Calibration is usually required by NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program) as proof that a machine has been calibrated by an accredited authority such as Sciaky.

We calibrate to either Rolls-Royce standards (needed when a machine is used on work for them), or to our own accepted standard.

Calibration is also very useful for a client to prove to his customer that a machine is in top form.