Special Purpose Machines

Sciaky have a long experience in providing special resistance welding machines, which can range from derivations of standard machines to complete new designs to suit a specific application.

Standard machines with twin heads, projection welders with spot attachments, seam welders with forming attachments are often the first step to increased production.

Robot Cells

Robot cells, where robots can manipulate spot welding guns or pick up assemblies in geometry and progressively pass them through floor-mounted spot welding machines are versatile and can be readily re-tooled for future jobs. We have supplied many variations of these cells to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, each cell having its own computerised or PLC control system and full safety guarding.

In many cases, a robot cell will have included ancillary operations like automatic electrode dressing and changing to minimise the need for intervention. Cells are also often grouped together, passing an assembly from one cell to another automatically.

Special Tooling

Machines with multiple welding heads, fixed and moving; automatic load and unload; automatic transfer between stations are generally faster than robot cells.

These can incorporate checks on presence of component parts and of correct assembly from previous operations.

Automatic operations are controlled by a PLC, with associated human/machine interface (HMI).