80 Years Experience

We have 80 years experience in manufacturing Resistance Welding Electrodes and in that time have developed a wide range of standard electrodes.

Most of our standard electrodes are in stock at our UK Warhouse and ready for delivery.

Our Tip-trode system allows you to change only the minimum material being not only cost effective but allows you to benefit from keeping tips in stock.

Resistance Welding Electrodes

We hold a stock of many welding consumables. Mainly resistance welding electrodes or seam welding electrode wheels; we have catalogues detailing most popular sizes for UK (5º taper) and European (10% taper) fitting.

Electrodes are available in three most used materials to BS EN 5182.

If you need a variant of a standard electrode or a special one designed for particular use, we can quote price and delivery; send us drawings/sketches/photos.

We also offer a range of accessories for electrodes – holders, adaptors etc.

Seam Welding Wheels

Contact us with your Seam Welding Wheel requirements. If we don’t have the items in stock, we can get them made to your specification.

Manufactures to BS EN 5182 we can produce seam welding consumables to your exact requirement.

Please contact us for our latest prices and availability on Resistance Welding Electrodes.